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The environment

Raisio is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations. Sustainable policies and transparency form the basis for Raisio's responsible environmental work.

Review of Raisio's responsible environmental work in 2014

  • At Raisio's sites in Finland, investments in environment, health and safety totalled approximately EUR 0.5 million. 70% of investments were targeted at the improvement of process and work safety and some 30% at the development of material efficiency and waste management. Investments were mainly aimed at the improvement of work and process safety. The measures included, for example, maintenance decks, lock gates of silos, central cleaning system, load steering. With the changes carried out, both safety and material efficiency improved. Energy saving was sought through the renewals of an air compressor and lighting.

  • In Finland, Raisio was involved in the regional odour dispersion study concerning the area of Raisio-Naantali. Odour measurements were carried out in Raisio's industrial area in the autumn 2013. The Finnish Meteorological Institute completed its final report and odour modelling at the end of 2014. According to the report, the Raisio Group's effect on the odours in the region was small.

  • Noise level measurements were carried out in Raisio's industrial area in 2014. In addition, air emissions from the power plant were measured and the measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was carried out at the esterification plant. The measurement results mentioned above met the environmental permit requirements.

  • At the Finnish production plants, Raisio avoided serious environmental damages in 2014. In August, an external fire risk occurred at the Ylivieska feed factory when a fire broke out in the wood loading area next to the factory. The fire was extinguished partly through the factory yard using the factory's fire-protection water-supply system. The incident did not harm the feed production.

  • Raisio's annual waste training event was organised in the spring and it was open to all Finnish employees. The purpose of the event was to review the key practices and objectives in waste management and to inform the staff about new legislation and other prospective changes.

  • Operating costs of environmental protection totalled some EUR 0.4 million in Finland.

  • Compliance with regulations: The application for verification of environmental permit for Kouvola's feed factory was filed to the Regional State Administrative Agency of South Finland in August. For Raisio's power plant, the filing of the application in question was postponed to 2015 due to the ongoing survey of energy production alternatives.

  • Emission measurements in accordance with the environmental permits were carried out. The company is not currently aware of any fines or sanctions related to violation of environmental legislation.


Environmental projects

Raisio has identified the key areas of sustainable development by means of the product life cycle assessment, focused on the reduction of waste and energy consumption as well as helped its contract farmers cultivate more sustainably and effectively. Raisio cooperates with its stakeholders in several research and development projects to reduce environmental impacts and to improve its supply chain. For Raisio, it is important to affect the sustainability of the entire food chain, since most of its environmental impacts take place outside Raisio's own operations.

More about the environmental projects with stakeholders


Scope of environmental reporting

Raisio has production in four countries; Finland, the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic. In terms of key environmental impacts, Raisio's environmental reporting covers all the Group's continuous operations in Finland, the UK and Poland.

The two Candy Plus' production plants in the Czech Republic are included in the reporting from the beginning of 2013. Scope of reporting no longer includes the vegetable oil business, which Raisio decided to terminate as a result of the cooperation negotiations started in the autumn. The production at the factory had already been suspended since the end of January 2014. In addition, production centralisation and streamlining measures were taken at the Finnish feed factories and in the UK.



of palm oil used in Raisio's foods is certified during 2015.

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