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Snack is a bigger thing
than its size

The pace of life and eating habits are changing. According to our customer feedback, many feel better when they have several smaller meals a day instead of a few big ones. Snacks are eaten in a wide variety of situations so they need to be easily accessible and ready to eat. It is estimated that snacks already provide up to 40 per cent of daily energy need.

Benecol Minidrinks

Daily dose of plant stanol (2 grams) is in one bottle. Easy to enjoy.

Elovena Plus porridges

Porridge is increasingly popular as breakfast food and snack. Elovena Plus porridges, rich in protein, are new nutritious and tasty favourites.


Gluten-free is a growing trend. Of all grains suitable for the gluten-free diet, oat in the Provena products is the highest in fibre.