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Environmental objectives 2013-2017 for production plants in other countries

In addition to Finland, Raisio has production in the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic. The production plants of these countries have set their own environmental objectives. The reporting on the objectives will be more accurate as soon as we have gathered enough follow-up data and the calculation is at established levels for all the plants.


Measures taken in 2014


  • Enhancement of waste recycling

  • Reduction of wastewater load in confectionery production.

Czech Republic

  • Extensive centralisation measures and production relocations in the confectionery business significantly affected the energy use at the production plants. In the Czech Republic, there was an increase of 21% in energy use mainly due to renewal and construction of the production lines. It is worth mentioning that as a result of the changes carried out, the production volume increased by 17%. In 2015, it can be expected that consumption will return to normal levels and that energy efficiency will improve 

  • Waste was recycled 10% more than in 2013.

  • At the Petrvald factory, the energy consumption decreased in line with the objective by 5% per tonne of product.


Environmental objectives 2015-2017

  • The key objective is continuous improvement of operations

  • Increasing the efficiency of energy use.

  • Increasing the share of recycled waste.