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Raisio's year 2014

Raisio continued the implementation of its growth strategy in 2014. The acquisition of Benecol business from the affiliates Johnson & Johnson in November 2014 was important for Raisio. Good growth in Raisio's strong businesses continued.

The year 2014 was twofold for Raisio. EBIT for the last two quarters was, however, higher than in the comparison periods and Raisio is back on improving trend. Raisioagro carried out a major reorganisation and will focus on its cattle and fish feeds, grain trade and online store. The international commercialisation of Raisio's top innovation Benemilk is proceeding as planned.

Good dividend history continued

Raisio Board of Directors' dividend proposal to the Annual General Meeting is EUR 0.14 per share. Raisio has raised its dividend continuously since 2007.