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Consumer brands, Confectionery

Raisio produces confectionery in the UK and Czech Republic and the confectionery is exported to over 40 countries. Net sales for Raisio's confectionery business amounted to almost EUR 100 million. Raisio has several own confectionery brands and the company is also a significant producer of its partners' branded and private label products.

Main events in 2014

  • Relocated production lines from the closed Skegness confectionery factory to another UK-based factory and to the Czech Republic were introduced in the last quarter of 2014.
  • Just and Poppets gift boxes launched in the UK sold well.
  • In the Czech Republic, good sales development continued in the confectionery sold under the Juicee Gummee brand.
  • Consumption of gums and jellies showed continued growth.
  • Profitability of the business was good.

Financial review

Net sales for the confectionery business were at the comparison year's level and EBIT improved. Sales in the Czech-made branded products increased. Particularly good sales growth was seen in gums and jellies. Successful novelty launches in the UK resulted in sales growth of confectionery sold under the brands Poppets and Just. This was achieved even though sales of branded products were at the comparison year's level taking exchange rate changes into account.

Raisio centralised its confectionery production

Raisio's focus is on its branded products and growing product segments, such as gums and jellies.

Raisio manufactures confectionery in three UK-based factories and in two Czech factories. With the closure of the Skegness factory in the UK, the production of gums and jellies was centralised to the Czech Republic. Raisio has carried out investments that provide the company with good growth opportunities as gums and jellies are the fastest growing confectionery segment.

The range of Raisio's branded products sold in the Czech market was expanded. At the end of the year, sales in novelties launched under the Pedro brand exceeded expectations. Raisio is also a significant partner for international confectionery giants.

The Leicester factory's product range was expanded with boiled sweets in the centralisation project. The factory also makes mints, toffees and chocolate candies. Total demand for confectionery remained stable in the UK market. Fox's, Poppets, XXX Mint and Just are Raisio's well-known brands in the UK.