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Raisio building a sustainable food chain

As a significant specialist in grain-based products and animal nutrition, Raisio has the desire and opportunity to build sustainable food chain through its innovations.

Raisio started the third two-year period of cooperation with WWF Finland. The cooperation aims to promote the environmental responsibility in the food chain and thus to reduce humanity's ecological footprint. The work has already resulted in significant achievements: Finnish farmed rainbow trout was added on the green list of WWF's recommended fish choices and a children's guide Best Food on the Planet has gained wide popularity. It has been reprinted several times.

Benemilk is Raisio's top innovation for the milk production and international commercialisation of the innovation has already begun. With Benemilk feeds, cows are doing well and produce more milk, fat and protein. Benemilk enhances the feed efficiency and reduces the nitrogen load from animal feeding. International patent applications have been filed for the innovation.

Significance of the responsibility related to raw materials, such as palm oil, soy and sugar, increased also in Raisio's operations in 2014. Consumer and customer requirements vary in different parts of Europe, but for example in our UK's operations, we have already taken more stringent customer requirements into account. Raisio is also committed to moving to the exclusive use of certified palm oil produced in line with the principles of sustainable development during 2015. In 2014, already more than 90 per cent of palm oil used in our foods was CSPO certified.

As Raisioagro terminated its production of pig and poultry feeds, the use of GMO soy in feeds ended. Raisio has always used only GMO-free soy in its foods.

In 2015, Raisio aims to develop particularly its responsibility management processes.


Matti Rihko
CEO of Raisio plc