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Healthy snacks

Benecol Minidrinks

Daily dose of plant stanol
(2 grams) is in one bottle.
Easy to enjoy.

New spread Benecol® butter & rapeseed oil

As a result of sustained focus on product development, our new Benecol spread combines good taste of butter, heart-friendly fatty acid composition and cholesterol-lowering effect of plant stanol ester.

Elovena Plus porridges

Porridge is increasingly popular as breakfast food and snack. Elovena Plus porridges, rich in protein, are new nutritious and tasty favourites.

Oat in Elovena products is superfood

Oat is ideal nutrition. It contains a good ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Oat is rich in soluble beta-glucan, which reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

Honey Monster cereals

Honey Monster cereals now have less sugar without compromising on taste.


Gluten-free is a growing trend. Of all grains suitable for the gluten-free diet, oat in the Provena products is the highest in fibre.

Feeds and cultivation

Hercules LP Opti

Almost 50 per cent of fish oil in the feed is replaced by more ecological rapeseed oil. This protects wild fish stocks.

With the use of Hercules LP Opti concept, taste and quality in farmed rainbow trout remain good and healthy EPA and DHA fatty acids of the fish at levels recommended in nutrition guidelines.


Benemilk is Raisio's top innovation for milk production. Benemilk feeds result in more milk, fat and protein. Benemilk enhances feed efficiency and reduces the nitrogen loading of animal feeding. International patent applications have been filed for the innovation.


Unique gluten-free Provena pure oats

The production chain developed by Raisio makes Provena pure oat products suitable for people with celiac disease. In this unique process, the purity of oats is ensured through the entire production chain – transport equipment included. Therefore, the consumer can be sure that tasty and fiber-rich Provena baking and breakfast products are gluten-free.




Top Farmers

The farms awarded in Raisio's Next Top Farmer contest produced yields nearly twice as big as the national 10-year average of the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In total, the farms produced 80 per cent higher yields compared to national levels.