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Raisio's personnel 2014

In 2014, Raisio centralised and terminated its productions and acquired the Benecol consumer business from Johnson & Johnson. These measures and related reorganisations of activities widely affected Raisio's personnel.

At the end of 2014, Raisio employed 1,862 (at the end of 2013: 1,896) persons, of whom 18% (21%) worked in Finland, 47% (46%) in the UK, 29% (28%) in the Czech Republic and 6% (5%) around the world. Raisio has personnel in ten countries.

Main events in 2014


  • The centralisation projects of the UK productions launched in 2013 were continued in 2014.
    • Confectionery production ended at the Skegness factory at the end of March 2014. Production was partly transferred to the UK factory in Leicester and partly to the Czech Rohatec factory. Skegness factory employees were given the opportunity to work in the other UK locations. Read more
    • Snack bar production was centralised to the Newport factory; the production lines of Tywyn factory were transferred to Newport gradually from January 2014. Personnel of the Tywyn factory were given an opportunity to work at the Newport factory. Read more
  • The scope of performance appraisals increased by four per cent; from 26 to 30 per cent.
  • The number of new employees recruited was exceptionally high due to the production relocations. For example, a total of 70 new employees started at Leicester factory and some 130 at Newport factory. During 2014, 587 new employees started at Raisio
  • The operations of Benemilk Ltd, a joint venture between Raisio and Intellectual Ventures, were strengthened with a US-based organisation.
  • With Raisioagro's renewed strategy, the Division was reorganised and part of its management and key personnel changed. Raisioagro recruited several new employees.
  • In Finland, Raisio decided to end oilseed crushing and to close its Raisio-based oil milling production after long periods of lay-off. Oil milling plant employed 14 persons. Raisio also decided to terminate the production of pig and poultry feeds at the end of September 2014. The statutory cooperation negotiations resulted in the termination of 43 employments.
  • Raisio acquired the Benecol business in the UK, Ireland and Belgium from Johnson & Johnson. With the acquisition, nine employees in the UK started as Raisio's employees.
  • Raisio Group's CFO changed at the end of 2014. In addition, the renewals carried out in the Brands Division resulted in some changes in the Group's management and responsibilities.
  • Raisio regularly reviews market salaries in order to maintain its competitiveness. In 2014, Raisio's wages and fees from continuing operations totalled EUR 68.6 (66) million including other personnel expenses.


Objectives for 2015-

  • To increase job satisfaction among employees – Staff opinion survey conducted in the summer 2015
  • To expand the coverage of performance appraisals towards the long-term target of 100%.
  • To decrease the amount of sick leaves.