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Online store sales, grains and vegetable oils

There was a significant increase in Raisioagro's online visits and sales in 2014.  The product range has been extended with care to meet customer needs. In 2014, Raisioagro opened an online store open to all. The company continues active development of the store.

Farming supplies and online store

Raisioagro's online store sales increased by nearly a third in a year. Visits in the online store increased by almost 50 per cent from the comparison year. In addition to feeds, the online product range includes a wide range of farming supplies, fertilisers, plant protection products and fuel oils.

In 2014, online sales of fish feeds grew sharply. Sales in farming supplies as a whole slightly decreased while sales in liquid fuels saw a significant growth. At the end of 2014, fertiliser sales fell sharply as a result of rapid price increases. 

Strong growth in online store sales.

At the beginning of 2014, Raisioagro opened its online store open to all. The store has an important role in Raisioagro's customer-driven strategy: the store is designed to serve as a customers' service and information channel. In the future, it will also function as a user interface of digital services. The online store provides competitive advantage based on the identification of customer needs and purchasing behaviour.

Raisioagro online store

Vegetable oils

In November 2014, Raisioagro decided to terminate oilseed crushing as a result of the employee cooperation negotiations. The oil milling plant had been shut down and personnel temporarily laid off since January 2014.


Raisioagro purchases grains for its own use as well as to be resold and exported.

In Finland, demand for grain in relation to feed consumption is unchanged, but since Raisioagro terminated its pig and poultry feed production, the Division's need for feed grains decreased. However, feed grain purchasing continues as usual at our sites in Kouvola and Ylivieska.

Raisio exported grains almost 30 per cent more than in 2013. Spain and Sweden were our most important export countries. Quantitatively, malt barley and wheat were the most exported grains.