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Research and product development

Raisio's consumer operations are based on tasty, healthy, ecological and safe products that meet customer needs. In Raisio's feeds, we make extensive use of inventions and technologies that help improve efficiency and profitability of livestock production while also reducing environmental impacts.

The importance of responsible and environmentally-friendly products as part of the company's business continues to grow as consumers want more and more information on the origin, safety, production methods and environmental impacts of raw materials and products. As part of this Annual Report, we publish our Corporate Responsibility Report, which deals with Raisio's activities in terms of responsibility.

Raisio is actively involved in the development and streamlining of production chains related to foods and feeds. For example, improvement of livestock production efficiency is a global challenge. We think that many global challenges in the food and agriculture sector can be turned into opportunities with innovations supporting sustainable development. At Raisio, we already have such innovations.