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Financial responsibility

Financial review

Raisio Group's key figures, net sales and information about profitability

Financial reporting

Raisio Group reports on its performance in line with the continuing operations. All figures mentioned in Raisio's Financial Statements are comparable. The Divisions that are reported in line with continuing operations include Brands and Raisioagro.

Raisio's Financial Statements 2014

Profitability and continuity

On 31 December 2014, the Group's equity ratio totalled 60.2 (68.2 in 2013) per cent and net gearing was 22.2 (-8.6) per cent.
The average return on equity over the last five years is 4.7 per cent.
The average return on investment over the last five years is 5.4 per cent.

Personnel's salaries

The company regularly reviews market salaries in order to maintain its competitiveness. In 2014, Raisio's wages and fees from continuing operations totalled some EUR 69 (65) million including other personnel expenses.