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Nutrition and safety

Healthy, ecological and safe products are at the core of Raisio's operations. Raisio has a versatile range of tasty and plant-based products that have been developed in line with customer needs. Raisio also studies and develops future agricultural innovations that support sustainable development and improve financial results.

Nutrition and product development


  • Raisio's products are constantly developed based on the feedback from customers. Sugar levels of foods continued as an interesting topic among consumers in 2014 and this also guided Raisio's product development. Read more
  • All Raisio's food labelling has been updated to comply with the Food Information Regulation entered into force in 2011. The new EU-level regulation aims to facilitate the consumers' access to information and to harmonise the labelling throughout the European region. General labelling had to be altered by December 2014. In many respects, the mandatory labelling remained unchanged, but the new regulation meant that nearly all of the food labelling needed updating.
  • Raisio's aim to start using rapeseed oil instead of palm oil in the biscuits produced in Finland during 2014 proved more challenging than expected. Raisio continues its work to achieve the objective in 2015.
  • In 2014, the amount of palm oil used in foods was below 1 per cent of all Raisio's raw materials. More than 90 per cent of the palm oil used in foods was CSPO certified. Read more


  • In 2014, Raisioagro renewed its Benemilk feeds that are high-quality cattle feeds based on the company's top innovation. Health components extending the cow's productive life were added to all Benemilk products. Benemilk feeds support animal welfare and with the same amount of energy, a cow produces more milk and milk with better contents.
  • Due to the fish feed concept called Hercules LP Opti, developed by Raisioagro, Finnish rainbow trout was added on the list of recommended and sustainable choices in the WWF's Seafood Guide. Already more than half of rainbow trout farmed in Finland is fed using the Hercules LP Opti concept.



  • In its own quality assurance, Raisio stated that the Provena Gluten-free Chocolate Muffin Mix with Chocolate Chips may contain small amounts of milk without the correct information on the packaging. The product may have got a small amount of milk with the chocolate raw material. Thus, the product was not necessarily suitable for people with the most sensitive dairy allergy. The product is safe to all other users. 
  • Snack bars made by Halo Foods to the UK market had to be withdrawn in May 2014. Wrappings with Contains no nuts labels were packed with products containing nuts. In order to prevent similar situations, the code verification of the production line was improved immediately.