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Scope of reporting and materiality


Raisio's Corporate Responsibility Report 2014 is based on GRI G3 guidelinesRaisio's Corporate Responsibility Report covers the impacts of the Group's own operations.

Raisio's sustainability report is based on GRI G3 guidelines.

Sustainability impacts of Raisio's products extend outside our direct control, to primary production, other industry and consumption, for example. Raisio operates together with its stakeholders in several research and development projects to diminish the environmental impacts and to promote sustainable development in the entire food chain.

Raisio has identified the key areas of sustainable development by means of the product life cycle assessment, and through its innovations, has focused on the reduction of waste and energy consumption as well improving the efficiency of food production. For Raisio, it is also important to affect the sustainability of the entire food chain, since most of its environmental impacts take place outside Raisio's own operations.