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Consumer brands,
Northern Europe

In Finland, Raisio launched several novelties that meet consumer trends and complement the range of our own branded products. Sales in Elovena, Benecol and Provena products increased significantly. In Northern European operations, Raisio continued to focus on healthy and ecological snacks in line with the company's strategy, which was shown in improved profitability. At the same time, we have succeeded in enhancing our competitiveness. 

Main events in 2014

  • Comparable net sales increased and profitability improved.
  • Sales in Elovena, Benecol and Provena products increased in Finland and so did the share of further processed products of the product range. 
  • Improved manufacturing competitiveness led to sales volume growth in catering and industrial products.
  • Our product range is a good response to consumer trends.
  • Successful novelty launches. 

Financial review

Net sales for Northern European operations were at the comparison year's level, over EUR 70 million. Comparable net sales increased since the comparison year figures included the non-dairy business divested in May 2013. EBIT was significantly better than in the comparison year.

Sales increased in Elovena, Benecol and Provena products.

Raisio focused on its main brands, which was shown in the sales growth of Elovena, Benecol and Provena products as well as in the increased share of further processed products. Manufacturing price competitiveness also improved, which resulted in the sales volume growth of catering and industrial products. 

Our product range responds well to consumer trends


Raisio's product range meets well Finnish consumer trends that emphasise healthiness, domestic origin, protein and gluten-free foods. The share of added value products in the product mix was greater than before, which was shown in better profitability. At the end of 2014, particularly sales in Elovena and Provena products grew and our new business-to-business customers also increased net sales. 

The Porridge Bar concept successfully increased the popularity of porridge and encouraged consumers to enjoy their porridge with trendy toppings. Raisio continues its efforts to make porridge a phenomenon to celebrate Elovena's 90th anniversary.

Profitability improved due to increased share of value added products.

Sales in Benecol, Elovena and Provena products increased significantly from the comparison year. Sales growth was supported by new products, which were an excellent complement to our product range. New Benecol yogurts, new flavour of Elovena snack biscuits and Elovena Plus protein porridges were well received by consumers. Raisio is increasing the coverage of its Elovena Moumin biscuits and porridges for children.