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Raisio operates internationally and has production plants in four different countries. Personnel in these plants are mainly local and raw materials are purchased locally near the production, especially in Finland. Raisio works together with local interest groups, such as schools and universities.


Cooperation with schools and universities

Raisio works actively together with local schools and universities in all 11 locations where Raisio has production facilities. The form of cooperation varies from place to place, but most commonly it concerns business services, such as training, services, R&D and innovation projects as well as student theses and traineeships.


Partnership agreement between Raisio and Turku University of Applied Sciences

In 2014, Raisio and Turku University of Applied Sciences, TUAS, strengthened their cooperation by signing a partnership agreement to develop their long-term cooperation. With the agreement, Raisio will be able to use TUAS's specialists as trainers and consultants in the training events for Raisio personnel. Raisio employees graduated from TUAS visit the school to tell the students about their own work at Raisio and professional requirements.

Raisio is involved in the mentoring programme related to TUAS's sales studies; students can do sales-related projects and trainee periods at Raisio. An example of the annual cooperation is the traineeship period of TUAS students at Raisio in purchasing, production or support tasks of sales and marketing. Raisio also participated in the project called Inno: students were assigned by Raisio to brainstorm under the theme of "porridge to become a phenomenon". .


Theses and trainees

Raisio annually offers thesis assignments for university students. In 2014, topics were related to raw materials, products and internal training. Furthermore, at the beginning of 2014, a few students did their practical training at Raisio's head office and were hired as summer workers after the training period. Raisioagro has also signed a few trainee agreements.Trainees are familiarised, for example, with the duties of an account manager.


Raisio is involved in Me & MyCity of Southwest Finland

Raisio continued its three-year cooperation project in the Me & MyCity of Southwest Finland. In the autumn 2014, it was awarded the best education innovation in the world in the competition World Innovation Summit for Education. As a partner, Raisio supports the aim of Me & MyCity of showing that young people's readiness for entrepreneurship is an investment in the future.

Me & MyCity is a learning environment dealing with entrepreneurship, economy and society. It is aimed at sixth-graders and coordinated by the Economic Information Office TAT. Me & MyCity includes premises of many companies and local authorities. The students work for one day in a position for which they have been chosen through a recruitment process. Pupils are paid for their work and they spend a day as consumers and citizens, part of society.

Some 70 pupils work in the Me & MyCity at a time on an agreed date. Five students work as Raisio's employees as CEO, Product Developer, Marketing Manager, Sales Representative and Production Manager. During the day, they become familiar with the food industry through consumer service and product development. The students learn how to create new product innovations and how sales and marketing are part of the company's operations. The product lifecycle is described from primary production to sales, and the central theme of the day is the development and launch of a new product. During the workday, Raisio employees take care of the delivery of products to be sold in shops and restaurants as well as generate ideas for a dream portion of porridge.

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Raisio and its personnel gave their Christmas presents to poor families

Hyvä joulumieli 2014 -keräyksessä mukana

At Christmas 2014, Raisio and its Finnish personnel donated the funds reserved for the customers and personnel's Christmas greetings, 16 500 euros in total, to the Hyvä Joulumieli charity campaign. The donated sum was used to buy food vouchers for poor families with children. The vouchers were worth 70 euros each and a family in a difficult situation could use it to buy food for Christmas. Raisio's personnel initiated the donation and decided which charity will receive the donation.