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Healthy and ecological snacks highlighted in Raisio's strategic changes

In 2014, Raisio carried out changes in its businesses. The changes are related to Raisio's HEM strategy (healthy, ecological and mobile snacks) enabling profitable growth. Benecol, the original expert brand in cholesterol lowering, was returned in full to Raisio's possession and Raisiagro focused on the activities that highlight innovations, special expertise and animal nutrition know-how supporting sustainable development.

HEM = Healthy, ecological, mobile food

In its home markets in Finland, Raisio has a product range in line with the HEM strategy: it meets the needs of consumers and other customers, and includes several well-known, trusted brands. With the reorganisations and centralisations carried out, Raisio's HEM strategy can be better implemented also in Western and Eastern European markets.


Benecol is Raisio's internationally most recognised brand

Home market for Raisio's Benecol products expanded with the acquisition completed in November 2014. After the acquisition, Raisio's Benecol businesses have been combined into a single entity, which allows the company to develop the business on its own terms, supporting the objectives. Benecol unit now includes consumer products in Raisio's home markets in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Portugal and Hong Kong as well as licensing and partner cooperation work on plant stanol ester, Benecol product ingredient. Raisio continues to focus on the product development and sales of healthy, cholesterol-lowering Benecol products.

In 2014, the responsibility-related measures taken at Raisio's Brands Division could be seen most clearly in the product development and issues related to the origin of raw materials. In the UK, the amount of sugar in Honey Monster cereals was reduced. In addition, a clearer label showing the sugar content was added on the package. In Finland, Raisio launched new Elovena Plus instant porridges containing more protein. Furthermore, Elovena Porridge Bar brought a healthy, mobile snack to consumers in a new delicious form.


Raisioagro renewed its strategy

Raisioagro announced its new Growth Inspirer strategy in September 2014. Raisioagro focuses on the agricultural sectors where success is based on innovations and expertise in animal feeding and plant cultivation.

Benemilk and Hercules LP Opti, the top brands of Raisioagro, are leading products also in terms of responsibility. With the same amount of energy, Benemilk feeds provide more milk, and milk contents improve while the feeds also support animal welfare. Hercules LP Opti feeding concept protects wild fish stocks due to lower use of fish oil. Moreover, the optimal fatty acid composition is maintained.