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new strategy boosting R&D activities

Raisio increased its efforts in research and development activities with the company's new Growth Inspirer strategy. The new strategy allows Raisioagro to focus on the product development of cattle and fish feeds as well as on grains and grass as part of the responsible food chain.

Raisioagro's product development aims to improve the feeding efficacy on dairy and fish farms with its innovative feeds containing nutrients in the right proportions. Benemilk feeds are a good example of products that have helped increase feeding efficacy by enhancing the utilisation of feed energy. Benemilk innovation provides the milk chain with biological and economic sustainability. Raisioagro will emphasise these elements in its product development also in the future.

Responsibility is an integral part of Raisioagro's R&D activities. Feed and feeding solutions improving production efficiency and nutrient utilisation go hand in hand with the sustainability of production, in terms of both the environment and animals.

Focus on the whole dairy cattle feed chain

Long-term development work with high regard for animal welfare and environmental aspects.

Raisioagro invests in the feeding of dairy cattle also by developing the grass cultivation. Improving the efficiency of the grass feed chain brings biological and economic sustainability to the milk chain. In Finland, there is wide variation in the grass feed crops but opportunities for improvement can be found. For example, crops obtained from one hectare using exactly the same inputs may vary between 4,000 and 10,000 kg. Raisioagro aims to help its customers to get the maximum benefit from the used production inputs and land, which is also environmentally sustainable.

Accuracy to fish feeding

Raisioagro has developed fish feeds for many years, with a strong focus on environmental issues. The next major step in the fish feeding is the development of feeding techniques and feeding accuracy. They have an impact on the energy utilisation and environment: fish get and use the energy in feed in a timely manner and as little feed as possible gets into water.

Sustainability can also be increased by further development of feed raw materials. In Raisioagro's feeds of the Hercules LP Opti concept, the use of wild fish stocks has already been reduced while maintaining the optimal EPA and DHA fatty acid levels in farmed salmon.