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Raisio using only non-genetically modified soy

Raisio uses processed soy in its foods as well as soy in Raisioagro's feeds. All soy used by Raisio is non-GMO, and most of it comes from old soy plantations in Brazil.

Raisioagro stopped the use of GMO soy at the end of 2014

In 2014, Raisio decided, in line with its new strategy, to focus its activities on cattle and fish feeds and on plant cultivation, which are the company's core competencies. At the end of 2014, the production of pig and poultry feeds was discontinued, and as a result, Raisioagro no longer uses genetically modified soy at all.

No genetically modified raw materials are used in Raisio's foods or feeds.

Genetically modified soy has never been used in Raisioagro's cattle and fish feeds and the entire Finnish milk and fish chain is completely non-GMO..

In its feeds, Raisioagro uses non-GMO soy protein and non-GMO soybean meal, both from Brazil. The soya used for our products is ProTerra or NonBiome certified.

Only non-GMO soy also in Raisio's foods

Soybean is a good source of plant protein also in foods. Raisio has always used only GMO-free soy in its foods. For example, soy protein of Elovena Snack Drink Fruitmix strengthens muscles and vitamin D and calcium are good for bone health. .