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Raisio and WWF Finland promoting the food chain responsibility 

Raisio Group continues the well-functioning cooperation with WWF Finland with a new period extending to 2016 in order to promote the environmental responsibility in the food chain. Raisio Group and WWF Finland have worked closely together since 2010.  

The cooperation aims to promote the environmental responsibility in the food chain and to reduce humanity's ecological footprint. To reach the objectives, Raisio aims to promote the responsibility in its own operations and through consumer communications and environmental education. 

Versatile cooperation for the benefit of the food chain

In the field of environmental education, Raisio and WWF have produced, among other things, a guide called Best Food on the Planet providing tips and ways to improve the welfare of both children and the environment. 
In terms of the food production, WWF and Raisio Group's Raisioagro - an expert in animal feeding and plant cultivation – cooperate to promote, e.g., the responsible fish farming. In addition, Raisio has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2011.

More information on responsible food choices

At the beginning of each two-year period of cooperation, Raisio and WWF define together the most suitable models and projects for the cooperation in order to achieve the set target.The new period of cooperation extending to 2016 will focus on the promotion of environmental education of 7th-9th graders in the form of learning material. The aim is also to make consumers' responsible food choices easier by the recipe development and by the use of digital channels.

Raisioagro's main strategic themes at the heart of cooperation

Key themes of Raisioagro's strategy provide a solid foundation for the cooperation between Raisio and WWF. The themes are in line with the policies of both organisations. The successful cooperation in the promotion of responsible fish farming will be continued during the new period. In addition, the cooperation will focus on enhancing the understanding of the factors related to the responsibility of the milk production chain.