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Consumer products

In Finland, the product development focused on the development of new consumer-driven snacks and breakfast products for Northern European markets. Protein-rich products have been one of the most significant consumer trends in recent years. Studies have shown that adequate protein intake at breakfast plays an important role in comprehensive weight management. Elovena Plus protein instant porridge portions were developed to meet this consumer trend.

Raisio has a wide range of healthy and ecological snacks.

Together with the Moumin brand, Elovena launched new healthy snack biscuits and instant porridges designed specifically for children. Benecol yogurts, launched in the autumn, brought new alternatives in the range of cholesterol-lowering functional foods.

Our research activities focused on the study of new raw materials and specific characteristics of oats. Study results are used in our product development projects to achieve better product properties or to ensure a longer shelf life for an end product.

Focus on research and product development

The Group's research and development expenses were EUR 6.6 (6.4 in 2013) million accounting for 1.3 (1.1) per cent of net sales. R&D expenses of the Brands Division were EUR 5.7 (4.9) million, those of Raisioagro EUR 0.8 (0.5) million and those of other operations EUR 0.0 (0.9) million. Benemilk related development costs of EUR 0.6 (0.3) million have been capitalised on the balance sheet.