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Raisio aims to become the leading snack bar producer in Europe

As part of an extensive project, the production of the Tywyn snack bar factory in Mid Wales was relocated to the Newport site in South Wales. With the relocation, Raisio aims to improve the business competitiveness, enhance cost and production efficiency, have shorter transport distances and ensure future growth.

Negotiations with the Tywyn personnel on the possible closing of the factory started in June 2013. Raisio hoped to see as many Tywyn employees as possible to move to Newport with the production. However, many decided not to, mainly due to family reasons. The recruitment of new employees turned out to be a very challenging process.

The first transferred production line in Newport was started up in January 2014 and as many as 127 new employees started their work at the factory during the first three months. The situation was extremely challenging: we needed to provide the new starters with necessary training but experienced staff were required to support production runs. The Newport manufacturing area was also in the process of development with new areas being built, transferred lines installed and the production still taking place during this time. Production shutdowns were kept to a minimum by means of a very accurate forward planning.

The situation resulted in, for example, weakened service levels, which in turn increased the amount of challenges. Factory's committed staff worked to ensure the success of the project and start-up of the transferred lines.

The lines transferred at the end of 2014 are now operating, employees are trained and service level has returned to normal. The Newport site is now stable offering high-quality products, on time and in full to our customers. Now we are able to reach our target to become the leading snack bar producer in Europe.