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Enjoy tasty food and feel good

Well-being is the sum of many factors. Food, physical activity and situation in life affect the whole. Good food is tasty raw materials, suitable options for each consumer and information that makes choices easier. Raisio has a versatile range of tasty and plant-based products. ;


Nutrients in balance

Sugars occur naturally in almost all foods. They are found most in fruits, berries and honey. Sugars are needed to provide the body with energy and, for example, to extend the shelf life of products.

  • Raisio has many low-sugar alternatives and we are constantly developing new ones.

  • For an adult, dietary guidelines recommend about 50 grams of sugar per day.

  • Physical activity and nutrition play a key role in weight management. This is particularly important for children. With our long-term involvement in organisational cooperation, Raisio wants to promote children's exercise and healthy nutrition.



Package information

Product information and labels on packages help you choose the most suitable product.

Gluten-free Provena pure oat products are transported and produced entirely separately from other cereals.

The Heart Symbol is on more than 40 per cent of Raisio's foods made in Finland.


Feeds and cultivation

Raisio researches and develops future agricultural innovations
that support sustainable development
and improve financial results of our customers, too.


Raisioagro combines expertise and special know-how
in both animal feeding and plant cultivation.