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Environmental objectives 2013-2017 for production plants in Finland

Raisio is committed to practices promoting environmental well-being. We can most effectively affect the key environmental factors that are significant in our own operations, i.e. reduced energy and water use, as well as prevention of waste and wastewater generation. Raisio's persons responsible and the senior management monitor regularly the implementation and indicators of the company's environmental objectives.

Objectives proportionate to production volumes are set annually for at least three years ahead. Environmental targets for the Finnish production plants were updated in 2013 to correspond businesses and production structures of that time. However, major changes in the production structures took place during 2014. For example, the centralisations of feed factories and the oil mill plant closure affected the production volumes, and consequently the environmental objectives. For the production plants in question, the objectives have been updated to correspond the production and commodity volumes of the current structure.


Waste to landfill decreased from the previous year



No landfill

Raisio's target is to generate no landfill waste in Finland in 2016.


Total energy consumption decreased

more than 9%

Objectives and achievement 2013-2017

The objectives are set for the specific use of commodities per tonne of product.

Year 2014

In 2014, the results of environmental reporting were significantly impacted by the production restructuring carried out at the feed factories in Finland. The measures taken can be seen in the quantity of commodities used and production volumes. Total use of commodities, waters and energies decreased while the specific uses per tonne of product increased. Although total energy consumption decreased by more than 9 per cent, the specific consumption target set for continuous operations was not reached, especially in regard to thermal energy. Total water consumption decreased by about 1.5 per cent but the targets set for the specific water consumption and wastewater were not achieved.

The target for landfill waste was achieved. At Raisio's production plants in Finland, landfill waste declined by 32 per cent and the specific use per tonne of product decreased by almost 15 per cent. Raisio's objective is to generate no landfill waste in Finland in 2016.


Environmental objectives 2015-2017

Raisio's environmental objectives concretely promote and guide activities in which the central idea is continuous improvement. Consumption of energy and household water are forecast to decrease in the coming years, although the feed factory's move to part-time production in the autumn 2014 is growing the specific use of energy and water.In addition, reduction of energy consumption will become difficult due to the new hygiene requirements set for feeds. These requirements will increase the steam use. .

The specific wastewater volume is expected to decrease by almost 18 per cent by 2017 compared to the levels of 2014. At the end of 2014, Raisio's feed factory carried out a process change and now it is possible to direct clean cooling water separately from the water drained to sewers.

In terms of waste, Raisio's objective is to generate no landfill waste in Finland in 2016.