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Raisioagro complemented its range of Benemilk feeds with, for instance, products suitable with different quality silages. The performance and profitability of Benemilk feeding were verified using the profitability calculations based on the farm monitoring results. Raisioagro continued its active efforts to promote Benemilk feed sales in Finland and Northwest Russia.

At the end of 2014, Benemilk feed sales accounted for some 10 per cent of the Finnish dairy cattle feeds and some 20 per cent of Raisioagro's cattle feeds. 

More milk, quark and butter with the Finnish innovation

The research results show that a Benemilk-fed cow produces 2.6 kilos more of energy-corrected milk (ECM) per day. ECM describes the joint effects between milk produced and fat and protein contents. With Benemilk, the feed efficiency was 9 per cent higher. The results of long-term Finnish farm monitoring programmes correspond to the scientific findings, for both yields and contents. Benemilk research results prove the world class status of the Finnish expertise and innovation capability.

More milk, fat and protein with Benemilk feeds.

Annual income of the Finnish dairy farms total almost one billion euros. A Benemilk-fed cow produces an average of 1.2 litres more milk, 150 grams more fat and 60 grams more protein. If all the farms started to use the Benemilk feeding, farmers' annual income would increase by about 80 million euros.

In addition, the research results show that Benemilk feeds have effects promoting animal health. They prolong cows' productive life and improve their well-being. After calving, cows often have an energy deficit. Benemilk innovation can help with this problem. The feed also has components promoting hoof health, preventing ruminal acidosis and boosting metabolism.

Benemilk research results

Efficacy of Benemilk feeds has been verified in six scientific studies, three of which were conducted in Finland, others in France, Holland and Sweden.

Benemilk's efficacy verified scientifically.

Average results (per cow per day)

+2.6 kg ECM
+1.2 kg milk
+0.3 percentage points of fat
+0.05 percentage points of protein
+9% higher feed efficiency

Finnish farm monitoring autumn 2014

  • 1760 cows, 45 cows/farm
  • yield of energy corrected milk (ECM) increased by 2.6 kg
  • milk fat content increased on 100 per cent of the farms
  • milk protein content increased on 90 per cent of the farms

An international patent application filed for the milk solids index

The index developed by Raisioagro shows that all energy cows receive is not equal. The milk solids index, for which an international patent application has been filed, is a new meter for measuring the efficacy of feeds. The index can be used to anticipate the feed efficacy in the feeding of an individual farm. The milk solids index shows how a feed affects the production of milk fat and protein; the higher the index, the better the contents.

Benemilk is Raisio's top innovation.

The milk solids index is calculated based on the composition of a feed. If the index of a feed is high, a cow's protein and fat yield is better, which raises the producer's milk income compared to a corresponding feed with a low index. The milk solids index of Benemilk feeds is high.