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In 2014, Raisio carried out significant production transfers in the UK and Czech Republic. The transfer projects showed the importance and necessity of the staff induction. In the competence development, Raisio focused on occupational training and internal operations. Additionally, employees were provided with communication, work safety, first aid and IT as well as quality and environmental related trainings.

Employees' performance appraisals

The scope of performance appraisals was 30% (26%), the target being 100%. At Raisio's offices in Finland, Poland and the USA, the performance appraisals covered 100% and in the UK 18% (11%) of the personnel. In the UK, the appraisals have been introduced mainly in management, middle management and key personnel. In the Czech Republic, the introduction of performance appraisals was prepared during 2014 and the appraisals are planned to be started gradually from the beginning of 2015.


Personnel competence

  • Raisio used EUR 305,850 (2013: EUR 257,000) to train its personnel. Internal trainings are not included in the figure. Arrangement of internal training was favoured.

  • Superior trainings were carried out widely in different countries and units. In addition to general superior training, Raisio arranged training for work induction in the UK and Czech Republic.

  • In production relocations, the importance of induction training was emphasised. In changing conditions, Raisio focused on the development of professional competence by means of induction training and on-the-job learning.

  • The Brands Division continued the meeting practice of Extended Management Team. In 2014, there were two Extended Management Team meetings. Key directors of Raisio's businesses participated in these meetings. The aim of the meeting practice is to deepen the knowledge of Raisio Group's strategy and businesses, to improve the Division's internal cooperation and to enhance business activities. At the end of 2014, Raisio decided to extend the Extended Management Team practice to cover the whole Group. The first meeting of the Extended Management Team was held in January 2015.

  • Raisio continued its efforts to strengthen the role of superiors and personnel communications. Several training and informative events were arranged for superiors with the focus on Raisio's topical issues and the development of the company from the viewpoint of responsibility.

  • Raisio's operations in Finland:

    • Demand for internal workshop instructors has been high. New training for workshop instructors launched in 2013 was completed in April 2014. The instructors lead participatory think tanks as well as problem solving and planning meetings.

    • Raisio's cooperation with schools and institutes continued; students were provided with, e.g., company visit, thesis and training period opportunities.

    • The Trainee programme was also continued. The Trainee programme is for recent graduates or persons just finishing their studies, who are qualifying for their role at Raisio through on-the-job learning and job rotation. Most of the trainees continue to work at Raisio after the trainee period.