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Fish feeds

Raisioagro's fish feed export to Northwest Russia increased and market share strengthened. In Finland, more than half of farmed rainbow trout is produced using the feeds of Hercules LP Opti concept.

Hot weather in the middle of the fish farming season decreased net sales in the second half of 2014; fish eat less and in the worst case, stop eating altogether when the water becomes warmer than usual.

Raisioagro is a clear market leader in farmed rainbow trout feeds with sustainable and environmentally friendly feeds, of which a product concept called Hercules LP Opti is a good example. Almost all Raisioagro's Finnish customers have started with Hercules LP Opti concept, since well-managed environmental issues and sustainable feeds help ensure the future of the entire sector. Raisioagro's market share in Finnish fish feeds is more than 50 per cent.

Hercules LP Opti concept protects wild fish stocks. 

Exports account for over 50 per cent of net sales of Raisioagro's fish feeds. Northwest Russia is the key export market for fish feeds.

Farmed Finnish rainbow trout included in the green list of WWF's Seafood Guide

Rainbow trout farmed using the Hercules LP Opti concept is top-class health food. 

In the WWF Finland's recently updated consumer guide on seafood, Finnish rainbow trout was included in the green list of recommended and sustainable fish choices. Together with the Game and Fisheries Research Institute and Finnish fish farmers, Raisioagro has been involved in the long-term development work to reduce environmental impacts of rainbow trout feeds and to ensure sustainable development of the sector.

Rainbow trout farmed using Finnish feed is also high-quality health food with fatty acid composition that meets nutritional recommendations.

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WWF's Seafood Guide