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Raisio's idea activities

Strategically important innovations are born from ideas. Raisio's idea activities serve as one of the innovation channels for the renewal and development of the company's operations. At best, ideas can generate new business and growth, but small and everyday improvements can also develop Raisio's operations.

Raisio's employees have the opportunity to directly affect the company's business development through the idea activity or staff suggestion scheme. Our idea activities aim to create new and improved practices, products or processes that add value to Raisio, its customers and employees.

Raisio is known for its innovations and for us, it is important that everyone is able to influence Raisio's business activities. Therefore, improvement suggestions can be made, not only by the Raisio staff, but also by employees of the companies providing the Group with various services.

In Finland, Raisio's employees can record their ideas in InnoWay, Raisio's electronic idea system, where the ideas are processed together and carried out on a joint decision. In terms of personal initiatives, the company's specialists assess them and feasible ideas are implemented. Raisio has idea activities in Finland and the Czech Republic.