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Elovena Power Day encouraging school children to exercise

Elovena and the Finnish Athletics Federation (Suomen Urheiluliitto, SUL) help school children to exercise and to choose smart snacks.

Elovena Power Day is a joint activity form of Elovena and the Finnish Athletics Federation. For eight years already, Elovena has provided Finnish school children with the joy of field sports and nutrition information through these action-packed events.

With children, physical activity and healthy diet go hand in hand

Increased health and well-being as well as improved nutrition are an essential part of Raisio's strategy. We aim to provide high-quality, healthy products that taste good. Raisio is constantly developing new products that are in line with consumer needs and that emphasise good taste and healthiness.

With its products, Raisio Group wants to help primary school pupils to feel better and to support their learning of active and healthy lifestyle. Finns love their iconic brand Elovena that is also perceived as a healthy brand, so it is a natural way to encourage children to choose healthier snacks. All Elovena products contain an abundance of pure strength of Finnish oat.

Our cooperation with the Finnish Athletics Federation started in 2007 has proven an effective channel to inform school children on healthier snacking in a way that interests them. Already 165,000 children have participated in the Elovena Power Day events. In 2014, a total of 5,000 pupils from primary schools attended the events.

Twice as much power for 2015

In 2014, a total of 30 Elovena Power Days were arranged across the country. In 2015, we want to provide even more positive sport experiences, so we have doubled the investment allocated to Power Days to celebrate Elovena's 90th anniversary. We aim to arrange some 50 fun activity days and to donate new, up-to-date sports equipment to participating schools.

Elovena Local Sports Arena - a new project to improve children's sport opportunities

Elovena and the Finnish Athletics Federation will also launch a new concept Local Sports Arena that aims to carry out, together with municipalities and the state, local sports fields designed by children. This new project is a response to the municipalities' weakening ability to provide sport opportunities for children.

The project is important to Raisio and Elovena also in terms of the promotion of children's wellbeing. Healthy diet and adequate rest are important to every child. In addition, children need daily exercise, which can be done in the local sports facilities by means of the project. This is a safe way to promote weight management of children and youth.