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Benemilk - the form of energy makes a difference

In 2014, Raisioagro renewed its Benemilk feeds that are high-quality cattle feeds based on the company's top innovation. Well-being/Health components extending the cow's productive life were added to all Benemilk products.

In 2014, Raisioagro developed a milk solids index, an indicator showing the impact of feed energy quality on the milk composition. All energy is not equal. In Benemilk feeds, efficient protected fatty acids are used as an energy source, which means that the energy of the feeds is in a more effective form than in conventional feeds and the content index is high.

In 2013, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences conducted a scientific study comparing two feeds with the same energy value but with different production processes and fatty acid compositions.

Protein and fat contents of milk increased with the Benemilk feed. Volume of energy-corrected milk increased by over 10 per cent. The same increase can be seen on the farms using Benemilk feeds.

Benemilk extending a cow's productive life

The correct Benemilk feed at the correct dosage ensures higher contents and healthy cows

Most dairy cows are forced to retire prematurely due to fertility, udder and leg problems. The energy deficit following calving also increases the removals. Benemilk feeding protects cows from problems due to lack of energy without rumen acidification. It also increases the energy content of colostrum that gives calves a good start.

Besides in Sweden, Benemilk has been scientifically tested in Holland, France and Finland. All the test results show that the Benemilk production process improves feed utilisation and increases energy-corrected milk yields. On average, the increase has been more than 2.6 kg energy corrected milk/cow/day. Feed efficiency has also improved by nine per cent.