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Raisio focusing on the Benecol product development

In November 2014, Raisio completed an acquisition that expanded the company's home markets for cholesterol-lowering Benecol products. Raisio is responsible for the sales and marketing of Benecol products in Finland, Hong Kong, Portugal and Poland and now in the UK, Ireland and Belgium.

The acquisition of Benecol business from the affiliates of Johnson & Johnson is in line with Raisio's HEM strategy. HEM stands for Health, Ecology and Mobile food. In December 2014, all Benecol operations were combined into one entity, which means that the licensing and partner cooperation for plant stanol ester, a Benecol product ingredient, as well as the sales and marketing of Benecol products in home markets are included in the same unit.

Strong focus on marketing and novelties

Raisio is focusing on the sales and marketing of Benecol products and product range development in its home markets. The UK and Poland are the largest markets of Raisio's home markets for Benecol products. In other Benecol's home markets, Raisio develops and creates novelties together with its licensing partners.

Sales growth continued in Benecol minidrinks

Consumer habits and the most popular Benecol products vary from country to country. In several markets, Benecol minidrinks have already for years been a growing product group. In Finland, sales are showing good growth in Benecol yogurts launched in 2014. Last year, Benecol Plus minidrinks were launched in the UK. In addition to cholesterol-lowering effect, the minidrinks contain vitamin B or calcium.

Raisio seeks growth for Benecol in two directions: organic growth in the existing markets and new market entry opportunities, particularly in Asia.