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Focus on Benemilk feeds

Raisioagro's R&D focused on Benemilk feeds. In the autumn 2014, the product range of Benemilk feeds was renewed to better complete different quality silages.

Benemilk is Raisio's top innovation.

Scientific tests and the farm monitoring programme show that Benemilk feeds increase milk yields and improve milk contents. The results from the monitoring programme were consistent with the results obtained in scientific studies. Raisioagro continues Benemilk-related scientific studies in Finland and abroad, its farm monitoring programme and development of new Benemilk product applications.

Hercules LP Opti concept supporting sustainable development is used by nearly all Raisio's customers.

The efficacy and performance of Hercules LP Opti feeds were verified on the customers' fish farms. The feeds reduce phosphorous emissions from rainbow trout farming by more than a quarter and protect wild fish stocks, because in the Opti feeding concept, approximately 50 per cent of fish oil in the feed is replaced by rapeseed oil. In the fish feed sector, research activities focus to study the feasibility of new protein raw materials.