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Licensed brands, Benemilk

The commercial Benemilk organisation started its operations on 1 July 2014. The organisation aimed to find partner candidates and to create operating models while continuing negotiations with potential partners in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

In 2014, the main objectives of the Seattle-based commercial Benemilk organisation were to create an operating model to the international commercialisation of the 

Benemilk innovation, to continue commercial negotiations and to introduce, together with some partner candidates, the first feeding tests conducted by external research institutes as a basis for license agreements. 

In the commercialisation of the Benemilk innovation, potential partner candidates include innovative feed companies, mega farms and dairy companies. 

Partner candidates commissioning production and feeding tests

With some partner candidates, we have proceeded to the planning and implementation of feeding trials. The first feeding tests commissioned by partner candidates from external research institutes have shown that it easily takes several months to complete a feeding test and analyse the results. At the early stage of the project, it is important for the partner candidates to carry out their own production and feeding tests with locally used feeding concepts. 

The international commercialisation of Benemilk is proceeding as planned.

Negotiations with potential partners have helped us to better position the Benemilk innovation and to show the advantages of Benemilk feeds compared to other technologies. 

The processing of dozens of Benemilk innovation related patent applications is proceeding normally. At the end of 2014, all patent applications were still pending.